Fellowship on brief

One of the difficulties with UK PSF is that it takes a commitment of time to really understand its nuances. It can be tricky to distil the essence of the framework in to a few minutes or a quick briefing. One particular place that this might manifest problematically  is in promotions panels. The academic role is multifaceted and as such not everyone making decisions about colleagues’ career steps will be equally well versed in research, teaching, knowledge exchange and academic service (who could be!). 

I wanted to produce a resource which offered a quick (1 sided) distillation of two categories of Fellowship that are often aligned with promotions … so here is the one-sider for busy people who really do need to quickly ‘get’ Descriptor 3 and 4.  I’ll leave others to judge whether I managed this sufficiently. As ever – I am happy for any resources to be used under creative commons.

PFHEA in Brief

SFHEA in Brief