Through my work with new academic staff I am aware that getting to grips with the vast body of work around teaching, learning and the student experience can be seriously overwhelming. This is especially the case for colleagues who join HE from other professions (who therefore work in two modes of operation), and for colleagues who may be more familiar with a different academic language, perhaps associated with the natural sciences. I see that colleagues value ‘how to’ plain English  advice and information that guides them through the process of getting started in their role. To this end I’m currently working on some help sheets to accompany the teaching survival course that we offer and to provide initial/entry point resources for the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Supporting Learning in HE. These are ‘help sheets’ which embody theoretical ideas but which aim to simplify them in to practical advice with signposting on where to go next.

aaHere’s the first one on Authentic Assessment:

Authentic Assessment (docx)

Authentic Assessment (PDF)



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