I’ve been asked where to find the action research guide, written by myself and Professor Lin Norton. As background, we believed that the literature around action research in Higher Education was limited. There are few guides which relate to the specific higher education context, and the language of action research texts can be daunting for many early pedagogic researchers. We wanted to create a document to help demystify the process of active, action based research, and to show real examples of what the theory meant in practice.

Alongside the guide, we also collated some case studies from across the sector to show what types of action research are being undertaken. The cases shown in the guide are not project reports, they are authors own reflections on their projects. The cases are rich and varied, and range from micro-studies to cross-departmental studies. We hope that the case studies represent the sector’s work and inspire others to undertake their own practice-based studies.

Here are the links….

Download the practice guide here.

Download the case study collection here.

If you have any feedback on these guides please do let us know!