Asking colleagues what apps and tools they are currently using to support practice  … here are 8 favourites


Want to create ‘how to?’ videos as if teaching from a whiteboard? showme

Turn your tablet in to a virtual whiteboard … Work using a stylus, and build up a whiteboard (as if in the classroom) while recording a voice-over. Then add it to the VLE for follow up or revision material. Available cross platform. Excellent for creating walk -through videos for mathematical tasks or building mind maps.

Want to check students understanding and inject some in-class interactivity? kahoot

Create Kahoot quizzes: Students access these in class, via their phones. Useful to assess students’ knowledge in a large class scenario. Good fun value too!

Need to turn your handwritten text into typed notes?

nebo‘Nebo’ will take your notes (via the Apple Pencil) and convert them to text – so if you write faster than you type this might be handy. Only available through Apple (and there is a small charge for this product).

Have old paper resources or papers that you want to use but don’t want to re-type them?

lensThen Office Lens is your friend. A cross platform app (available on Android phones too) that allows you to take a picture of a document and then convert it to an editable format. Great if you can’t find the digital version of a file!

Want to create diagrams and graphics for academic papers or student resources?

grafioGrafio allows you to create visual schematics including flowcharts, infographics and diagrams. It combines freeform drawing with templates and does not limit the size of your diagram (the page grows with your diagram), so particularly good for creating large diagrams for conference posters. This app does have a charge and is Apple only.

Need to make videos of your screen to share with students?

somcreencast-o-matic allows you to use your web browser to create screencasts which can then be sent out via email or added to the VLE. Useful for providing audio feedback to students. They can hear your comments while they can also see the work being shared, and it can also be used to create ‘how to’ resources for the VLE. This is browser based, and can’t be created on an iPad (though the videos can be viewed on Apple devices).

Do you have multiple devices and struggle to keep a single ‘to do’ list?

trelloTry ‘Trello’ – works across platforms and allows you to create and organise your ‘to do list(s)’. Updating from one device means that your list updates on other devices to .. so you can add things on the go and they’ll be there when you get back to your desk! If you manage others or work in a team, Trello lets you share your work lists for full cooperation.

Want to get more out of videos in class?

edTake a video that your students are watching and use Edpuzzle to add in questions, additional information (via voice and text) and check back to see who is using the video. Accessible by web and by app.



Featured image source: Valentyna Sagan ‘globe’ under creative commons