In considering course design, the 2015 PgC Teaching & Supporting Learning in Higher Education group have compiled a list of factors that should be considered when designing HE learning programmes. I thought it was useful to share as a checklist for reflection.

Factor affecting learning design choices
1.     Level of study
2.     Professional body requirements
3.     Volume of Study
4.     Sequence of learning
5.     Space in the curriculum for reflection
6.     Space in the curriculum for responsiveness (to current events)
7.     Constructive alignment
8.     Link to programme level learning aims and outcomes  (including graduate outcomes)
9.     Link to previously experienced pedagogies (is the learning approach novel? Do students need to adapt to new learning approaches?)
10.   Facilities / resources available
11.   Health and safety
12.   Time available for learning
13.   Active learning and student engagement opportunities
14.   Repetition and reinforcement where needed
15.   Links to prior knowledge and experiences
16.   Opportunities for feedback (to help students to manage their learning)
17.   Digital literacies – is there a need to develop these as well as subject knowledge?
18.   Academic literacies – is there a need to develop these as well as subject knowledge?
19.   The nature of the knowledge that we will work with (is it fixed? How quickly can learning happen?)
20.   Quality assurance and university requirements
21.   Relevance and purpose of learning (made explicit)
22.   Transition points
23.   Currency of knowledge
24.   Research informed teaching
25.   Student motivation variety
26.   Time available for planning
27.   Learner preferences
28.   Feedback from students
29.   Exposing students to alternative perspectives (teaching beyond your own comfort zone)
30.   Teacher interest and expertise