One of the nice things about work for me is that every so often something or someone sneeks up on me to remind me of how important some of the work we do is to some of the people touched by their experience of work-based learning. Such reminders are always humbling. Whether it is a student gaining a promotion or unlocking a career pathway that they had only dreamed of before, or whether it is someone able to undertake work with new confidence and ideas. This week I was fortunate to have a reminder of the difference that work-based learning can make to a business, including:

  • higher staff aspiration
  • improved business improvement
  • higher organisational confidence
  • recognition by other agencies and other businesses
  • financial benefit from expanding opportunities

Whilst we may know that work-based learning in principle offers benefits it is very heartening and rewarding for spontaneous, genuine feedback to remind us that the work we do has real impact on real business.

Being the opportunist I should add as a P.S. here that REEDNet is an ongoing project for two University Colleges and a network of FE colleges to work to accredit, expand and recognise, develop and design* courses, training, learning*.

(* delete as applicable)

Don’t think working with higher education is for you? (neither did the person who inspired this post 😉 ).