I am quite often asked what it is that I actually do … sometimes it is helpful to reflect upon this point as it helps personal prioritisation of work on a day to day and week by week basis amongst a view of the bigger picture. For my own and others information then, my priorities for the coming months are as follows:

1. develop a shell module framework (cross institutional framework plus and individual entry route)

2. launch a fully online leadership and professional development module

3. evaluate and report upon the pilot online module

4. promote creative approaches to work-based learning through staff development sessions

5. evaluate the impact and effectiveness of work based learning provision through a range of methods (data gathering phase)

6. facilitate the formation of new work-based learning opportunities.

7. facilitate the cross fertilization of ideas amongst staff (subsumed in 2. perhaps but worthy of inclusion also).

8. develop promotional material for work based learning, informed by evaluative work

9. hunt down external examples of good practice in teaching and learning and bring them back to share internally (this involves networking, event attendance, online awareness).

10. actively seek out opportunities for external dissemination of good practice, new developments and research.