One of the learning activities that I am looking to develop involves mind mapping. I recall students having to download programmes when they wanted to do this electronically, and my own experience was very frustrating with mind mapping software, ultimately I found an A3 piece of paper and my kids’ crayola set to do just as good a job. I have been glad then to find, not only an online mind mapping tool, but a collaborative online mind mapping tool! Online technology is at its best when it adds value to the process of an offline version, rather than just digitising it.– set up an account and within a minute or two you can intuitively create  mindmaps which are decorated in icons, labels and  colours and may be hyperlinked. Best of all though you can invite others to come along and add notes to your site, which would seem a useful way of getting peers or tutors to feedback or to  help develop  ideas.

Here is my test page