As part of my work I am contributing to the development of a fully online module in Leadership and PDP. The module is a team development and as such the process of design  is being verbalised through discussion and negotiation. As a team were previously unfamiliar to each other, so no implicit assumptions about shared values could be made. Starting a module design with a new team, has then eradicated the unspoken understanding between colleagues about good, accepted or normal practice,  and it has forced us to articulate, defend and develop our value positions around approaches to teaching and learning and principles for assessment. Going through this process reminds me that this is not something that we always do when creating new units of learning. When working alone or in established teams, part of the process of design can be silent, implicit or worst case over looked. Perhaps there is some value, every now and then, in designing with a new team as a way of naturally engaging in dialogue around matters pedagogic. If this is not possible, perhaps simply agreeing to unpack the tacit pedagogy when new units of study are created would be a similar experience. Externalising my own values and tacit assumptions and engaging with others doing the same has caused me to question, realign and ultimately to develop, or at least to be more aware of different approaches. Designing a module in this way proved to be a valuable practitioner learning experience. A reminder of the value of dialogue for professional learning.