Today, with a rather unceremonious chink of my letterbox, ended my enormous feat!  Five years ago I started my MA (yes … it shouldn’t have taken that long!) – I studied research methods, online learning and facilitation, autonomy in online education, personalised learning and eventually undertook a dissertation on personalised learning from a learner perspective. Perhaps the greatest learning for me came in the experience of simply being a learner; feeling first hand and understanding what it is like to study when life gets in the way.

Studying at times has a high price on an individual and critically on their nearest and dearest.

So to all of mine – thank you! 

And was it worth it? Of course it was.

I guess if was easy then the warm glow I got when opening my certificate would not be quite so warm.

 Lydia Arnold Masters Certificate
Lydia Arnold Masters Certificate


I have just (literally) seen that the researchers that I have facilitated in their learning have also received their certificates today – each and every one of them has their own story of triumph, tribulation, heartache and celebration. Experts in Learning Technology and Research; but also not mentioned explicitly on the certificates – relentless in determination. Well done folks – magnificent. 

Big Congrats also to Sarah 🙂