Reflective practice is increasingly expected across many professions, it is particularly visible in care and teaching roles. The benefits of reflection are well rehearsed. However an additional step to reflective practice might be connectivity, whereby reflections on our own practice (or the learning from reflections) are directly compared to the experiences of our students/researchers/children/clients etc. 

An example – Last week I engaged with some unfamiliar technology. I thought, as a tech savvy sort of individual, all would be well. Just another online media. I was freaked! I hated it … I was awkward, unnerved, isolated … the action steps from my Gibbs/Schon/Kolb or other first level reflection were research use of technology before embarking on significant use; practice before going live and create contingencies. 

Reflection ends. Full stop.

Err … No it doesn’t … 

Compare this then with my own learners experiences. 

I have not found a model that encourages this outward comparative step.