Learning to learn is facilitated by some aspects of the context in which learning is situated. In the BA LTR learning is rooted in the workplace environment though channelled through the university.  

* The learner is not tied in to learning but their employer (unlike some WBL programmes) therefore the learner has to consider the impact of the decisions they make about learning on the workplace itself. They have to take a birds eye view of the learning process and consider its place in the wider scheme. 
* The real world, dynamic setting means that variables change. Learners then have to continually reassess what and how they are learning in the face of a fluid classroom.
* In the work based context the learner is both learner and practitioner, this is motivating for learning. Learners want to be better learners to also be better practitioners. There is a drive perhaps not evident in other learning situations. 
* Sometimes learners find it hard to match their own needs with those of the course and their employer. The three forces pull in different directions sometimes. Working to align the three is a process which elevates the awareness of the learning process. Particularly the difficulties a researchers have in balancing their own learning interests with the needs of the ‘external’ 

This ditty raises the question is meta learning or learning to learn about being an introverted better learner or an outward better learner. How much should the outside world influence what is learned? If learners want to be better learners do they look in and / or out?